Sell and lend DRM-protected documents

Easy, intuitive, without technical knowledge. Anyone can be a user of the advanced platform for the distribution of electronic publications and documents.


It is a PDI solution created from our long experience to serve publishers, libraries and companies that have the need to sell, or rent, any type of publication in digital format that are subject to copyright or that must be distributed securely to the end consumer. Cost-effectiveness and security are guaranteed.

The platform has all the necessary components, from the customised shop for each publisher or library, to the encryption and distribution engine of the publication.

ApplicaDigital is undoubtedly the best option for all those users who need a service of this type and who, for various reasons, are not willing to assume the cost and maintenance of a technological infrastructure that a solution of this type implies.


Encryption Engine

The encryption engine is Adobe Content Server, a software from Adobe Inc. that enables secure distribution of electronic publications and content in PDF, ePUB, ePUB2 and ePUB3 format through encryption using the strongest Digital Rights Management (DRM) features available on the market.
Once protected and distributed, publication files can be automatically viewed on all eBook readers, PC, MAC, tablet or mobile devices, with Adobe's free viewer, Digital Editions (hereafter ADE), optimizing the reading experience with the best eBook reader in all formats.

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